North Carolina’s key themes for the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War are freedom, sacrifice, and memory. Under Both Flags: Civil War in the Albemarle narrates the stories of individuals who lived, served, and sacrificed during this period of conflict. The soil on which they fought and the memories of their fight for freedom are interwoven along with the ships that plied the regional waterways and the plantations and farms where they worked.

During the Civil War, the Albemarle region experienced economic and political turmoil, loss, and divided allegiances. More than 125,000 North Carolinians served with the Confederacy and as many as 15,000 served in Union regiments. In the end, almost 35,000 North Carolinian soldiers died wearing either Confederate gray or Union blue. These numbers do not begin to tell of the suffering the war caused in countless North Carolina homes. A turning point in our history, the war brought freedom to slaves, required great sacrifice by all, and left lasting memories.

Explore the eight sections of this virtual exhibit to learn more about the American Civil War and the role of the Albemarle region within this monumental struggle: