Edward Swindell

(Hyde County)

Featured Character – Divided Allegiances

General Map of the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds, Showing the Theatre of Operations of the Burnside Expedition, Harper's Weekly, March 1, 1862

Courtesy of the Museum of the Albemarle

Edward Swindell was born in Hyde County in 1839 and is known for his organization of a Partisan Rangers company within the 66th North Carolina Regiment known as the "Hyde Rangers." The company was accepted into service on January 20, 1863 and had the task to find and escort provisions out from behind enemy lines to Confederate troops outside of the lines. During a skirmish on March 4, 1863, three men were killed, one mortally wounded, and one captured and murdered. Captain Swindell was accounted for through September 23, 1863 when he had signed a voucher for clothing and ammunition.