Featured Characters – Divided Allegiances

Joining the Union/White Unionists

Littleton Johnson

Josiah Dunlow

Foster and Taylor

Marcus Johnson
James C. Johnston

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Women’s Role

Wealthy Burgess

Mary Elizabeth Commander

Susan Flora

Parthenia Gatling

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Guerillas & Wild’s Raid

Daniel Bright

Peter T. Burgess
Union 1st Lieutenant Thaddeus Cox
George Fearing


Major Willis B. Sanderlin

Captain Edward Swindell

Weeks and Munden

Nancy White

William & Axey White
Union General Edward Wild
USS Miami

USS Miami

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Substitutes & Hiding

Samuel Forbes Leary

David Hoggard

Charles Smallwood

Daniel Squires and Gideon Bray

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Caleb Winslow
Elihu A. White

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