Julian Edward Wood

(Currituck County)

Featured Character – 1864 Confederate Decline

Julian Edward Wood

Julian E. Wood

Courtesy of the Virginia Military Institute Archives

Julian Edward Wood was born on September 24, 1844, in Currituck County and lived with his father at Hickory Grove, Norfolk County, Virginia, before enrolling at Virginia Military Institute on January 9, 1862. At the Battle of New Market, Wood was second cadet corporal in Company C and a member of the color guard. He resigned his cadetship in February 1865 and from there was made a first lieutenant in North Carolina troops in General James G. Martin’s brigade, where he served as a drillmaster until the end of the war. In 1869 Wood obtained a license in medicine and returned to Currituck where he set up his practice. Here, he married a woman named Mary from Elizabeth City and had two children. Wood continued his practice in Princess Anne County in Virginia until his death on June 2, 1911 in Elizabeth City.