Edmund Skinner Mallory

(Chowan County)

Featured Character – 1864 Confederate Decline

Charge of the VMI Cadets at the Battle of New Market

Courtesy of Benjamin West Clinedinst, 1880, Virginia Military Institute Museum

Edmund Skinner Mallory was born on September 22, 1846, in Hampton, Virginia. Mallory was enrolled at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) on March 1, 1864, and two months later became a VMI cadet private in the Battle of New Market. He returned from battle and was promoted to cadet corporal the following January, where he remained until the corps was disbanded in April of 1865. After the war, Mallory studied law and graduated from the University of Virginia before moving to Tennessee where he met his wife, Eugenia Parker, with whom he had four children. He practiced law and remained active in local politics until he died on August 19, 1903, in Jackson, Tennessee.

Edmund's mother, Martha A. Skinner, was born in Edenton, North Carolina. Edmund's father, Colonel Charles King Mallory, was from Norfolk, Virginia and served in the Confederate Army.