Featured Characters – 1861-1862

Call for Volunteers

William & John C. Badham

General Laurence Simmons Baker
Edenton Bell Battery
Lucius J. Johnson
John Robert Langston
James G. Martin

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Local Skirmishes

Ft. Clark & Hatteras

17th NC Regiment Companies

CSS Ellis

John Bartlett Fearing

Hotel de Afrique

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Battle of Roanoke Island

CSS Curlew

William Crawford Dawson
Abel Spence

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Battle of Elizabeth City

Ambrose E. Burnside

Elizabeth Brosher Creecy

Richard Benbury Creecy
Union Gunner’s Mate John Davis

Charles Frederick Henningsen

Patrick McCarrick
CSS Appomattox

CSS Beaufort

CSS Black Warrior

CSS Ellis

CSS Fanny
CSS Seabird

USS Ceres

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Burning of Winton

USS Commodore Perry
USS Delaware

Union Commodore S.C. Rowan & the 9th NY Regiment

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Battle of South Mills

Union Colonel Rush Hawkins

Charles Lyon

Union Brigadier General Jesse Lee Reno
Confederate Colonel Ambrose Wright

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